Corporate Finance

We specialize in corporate finance management for two types of ventures: early stage startups and profitable medium-sized businesses searching for fresh capital input. Searching for capital is a critical decision that brings new series of challenges and obligations upon executive management. To ensure you make the right decision, we analyze the entire spectrum of your business metrics with your team and define what is best to reach your growth and organizational results. Be it debt or equity, we work with you to make the proper sacrifices that fit the ambitions for your business.

Our Methodology

  • Clarity and credibility: We believe knowledge is the most important factor if you want to make an impact on investors. By combining our management consultancy strategy and a unique access to private and public investment networks globally, we help you define a clear and long lasting credible value proposition to support a clean financing schedule. It is all about creating the right impression from the get go.
  • Investor network management and business story development: You have a choice in searching for third party financing for your venture: either go straight into it or seeking advice from people you can trust in order to be better prepared for that 'pitch' that will make or brake your vision of the future. We know investors because we speak with them to learn about what they're looking for. Accordingly, this helps us determine the factors that most directly influence a company's value with a clear picture of market expectations. This is not just about a 'pitch', it is about building a story around the credibility and the persistency of your team around a clear and shared vision. We also help you with presentation and support material ready to be presented to those investors we know.
  • Corporate strategy: Our background in legal M&A provides us with a powerful instinct to seek and find what in your business metrics will make the best impact when discovered by prospective investors. It is about making sure there will be no hesitation or misunderstanding when your business is presented to the finance industry who constantly required a high level of transparency and integrity.
  • Deal strategy and support: We help you with all deal considerations, not just the obvious ones. We translate the reality behind the jargon and the technicalities behind the terms. In other words, you will know exactly if and how the deal will change the ways you operate your business going forward.

Our Added Value

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