Growth Acceleration

Entrepreneurs are often set on who their customers and segments are. We help you by creating growth opportunities that were not originally part of your strategy or did not think of, thus accelerating your revenue streams, boosting your cash flow and lowering risks attached to single sales pipelines. Ultimately, we help you expand your business to new realms of development and investment.

Our approach to growth is pragmatic and holistic and feeds from our vast network of contacts and what we continuously learn is happening in your industry.

Our Methodology

  • Know the industry: being in the heart of Silicon Valley means we are constantly involved in conferences and more confidential one-to-one meetings and small gatherings with key industry players, learning about the latest trends and what truly motivates investors and deal makers in time.
  • Identify high-value customers: selling is not just about knowing who you can sell to, but when and what you can sell. Our job is to know the decision makers in charge of potentially buying your services and talk to them informally to learn about their budget and when it can be spent. The result of this approach is increasing the chances to close the deal quickly after the customer learns about what you can do and deliver.
  • Understand your capacity: having an extensive experience working with developers and product managers, we understand the values and techniques developed from team sharing and scrum methodologies. That is why we will always and only bring you opportunities that your team can truly fulfill and deliver per the customers needs and timetable.
  • Revenue acceleration: creating new opportunities is something we believe has to lead to growth acceleration for the core of your business. We help not just generate additional cash input, but reinforce your business model and mature your output.
  • Track your growth: living in a numbers driven world is on our mind daily. We know the industry benchmarks and are client focused, meaning that you will always find in us a reliable partner who will advise you on the metrics that matter in your industry. Because we know the successes of today never guarantee those you will need in the future.
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