Customer Insights & Marketing

The marketing landscape has dramatically changed in the wake of globalization and the advent of social and mobile media. As the gap is widening between best-in-class companies and newcomers or smaller performers, it is becoming increasingly difficult to make the right choices that will help keep your business in the minds of those customers who matter to your growth.

Our team has a dual approach that builds on over 15 years experience across major digital media industries: cultivating our insights of current and future trends, including about tools and pricing, as well as choosing the most cost-effective path to continued success.

Our strategic location in the Bay Area means that we know before most what works and what does not.

Our Methodology

  • KY-in® Know Your Industry insights: We understand the different approaches that each industry has to undertake to make the best impact on customers and investors. We continuously talk with the most innovative marketing teams to learn their tools of choice as well as their opinion on costs. This allows our team to tailor a unique approach for your business that will show your stakeholders a clever approach to marketing spend. We call this our KY-in® approach.
  • Digital due diligence: Your digital presence has a value that needs to grow as much as your overall business. We contemplate your current resources and quickly analyze your footprint and benchmark it against your most relevant competitors on individual and segmented levels.
  • Marketing and brand strategy: We help you to align marketing and brand strategy; ensuring marketing investments are generating the best returns and reinforcing your brand positioning within your industry, while building a loyal customer base through messaging that cultivates a credible and trusted image.
  • Nurturing brand advocates: We help you find the people that will best advocate for your business in good times and bad. This is done through the industry partnerships we broker for you and our network relationships, thus also reinforcing your business credibility in the process.
  • Pricing: How much should you sell your product or services? Should your prices be the same for every customer? These are difficult decisions to make. Because they need to be made early on in order to prove the sustainability of your business model, we help you resolve them through comparative analysis and financial modeling that involve delving into our KY-in® results.

Our Added Value

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