Industry Focus, Network & Expertise.

We spent almost two decades working in some of the most exciting fields involving human to machine communication technologies.

This cross industry experience includes developing highly successful products for revolutionary hardware platforms including mobile phones and drones, making deals for thousands of movie and television programs with major television broadcasters, working on the legal predicaments of hundreds of commercial agreements with hardware and software providers, traveling around the world promoting digital payment and privacy software-as-a-service (SaaS) products, delivering command and control platforms for defense organizations and launching well over two hundred video games on multiple platforms.

We love what we do and we maintain a special relationship with the people we work(ed) with, giving us access to invaluable insights and opportunities. If your business or your team is involved in any of the following, please contact us.

Autonomous Transportation & Robotics

The transportation industry, of people and goods, is facing a dynamic and disruptive time. New technologies and mobility offerings are reshaping how vehicles are driven and used. New players from the technology and connectivity sectors are entering the automotive industry, and the traditional transportation value chain is changing at a fast pace. Our experience in the domain brought us to meet some of the most impressive ventures in the field and government representatives in Europe. Thanks to this global experience including around infotainment technologies, autonomous driving integration and regulation, drone applications in the military and civil domains, and a robust network of manufacturers and private and public organizations, we can help those entrepreneurs involved in anything to do with software and/or hardware infrastructures and applications in this sector.

Cloud & IOT

By the end of the decade there will be almost 30 times more sensor-enabled devices used than there will be humans inhabiting our planet. Over 30 billion devices of all sizes and across all industries, including vehicles, mobile phones and medical instruments, will be connected to networks and between each other, altogether creating a new map of the world. We have worked in telecommunications since the mid-2000's and are extremely well connected with manufacturers and networks globally.

AR, VR & Computer Vision

By 2020, what is now designated as the Mixed Reality industry is posed to reach $150 Billion. With Artificial Intelligence technologies and theories finding their places in many segments of the economy and education, we believe the fields of augmented reality and virtual reality are on the verge of a crossroads with Computer Vision. It is precisely about the companies who potentially are at this crossroads, or are already looking into it, that we are interested to hear from.

Entertainment & Gaming

Part of our heritage is from working at global entertainment and gaming corporations. We cater for teams with an expertise in those fields and an advanced flair for UI and UX designs. We know these teams are the early adopters of agile collaboration in the workplace and believe they are some of the best suited ventures to get a hold of the challenges involving human machine interfaces. If you have some proprietary know-how, including patents, or simply a great team in need of a new business adventure, we want to hear from you.

Media & Communication

The world of communication and advertising, and its media avenues, has dramatically changed since 2000 to create a digital landscape driven by devices always more portable and mobile. Consumers now want more value, faster and cheaper for their time spent communicating with each other and with businesses. They also want to share their moments, whenever they want, wherever they are, with anyone and everything that will commit to give them something back. The same can be said about businesses, whose control of their brand recognition and communication with their employees are challenged like never before. If you want to create, or have a business with a revolutionary UI/UX built around communication (consumer and/or business), security, privacy, fraud detection and prevention and the analytics tools to support them, we want to hear from you.

AI & Machine Learning

Our team has achieved exciting results in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, including algorithms and patented UI designs around drones, 3D geographical information systems (GIS) and smart city transportation grids. Our work in the domain has brought us to exchange with some of the most impressive ventures in that domain, meet with government representatives in Europe and liaise with federal organizations in the United States. We see AI as the ultimate expression of human invention and at the convergence of all the technology industries we're involved in. If you see it as clearly as we do, we want to hear from you.

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