Industry Partnerships

We help you build your business knowing that it will be perceived and evaluated with intrinsic values in mind attached to more than just revenue and profitability. We know long term success involves a symbiotic approach to multiple layers of decision making. The evangelization of customer and industry relationships is a fundamental block of your venture's DNA that is often neglected by startups and SMEs.

We take pride in creating partnerships with top industry players to transcend the basic transactional aspect of your business. With our team of global experts, we bring you depth of experience and relationships in the following areas:

Our Methodology

  • Customize your partnership strategy. Standard joint venture templates don’t always work. There are many factors at play for both partners, so create a strategy that takes those into account.
  • Consider unconventional partners. There is value to be had in “coopetition.” .
  • Leverage your partners’ expertise. Consider their resources: customers, suppliers, distributors, processes, employees, production facilities, technical expertise, government relations, and so on. Are there ways in which your organization could use these resources more effectively?
  • Tailor the operating model to the partners’ capabilities. Don’t try to control every aspect of the partnership. Instead, create a governance structure that benefits all the partners by taking full advantage of the strengths and synergies that occur along the entire value chain.
  • Assign a strong and dedicated team. Joint ventures require a different mind- and skill set than mergers and acquisitions. Having the right people on board to manage the partnership and focus on driving value at every stage of the venture’s life cycle can make all the difference.
  • Manage the joint venture’s external ecosystem. For added value, foster relationships with outside players, such as governments, industry groups, educational institutions, suppliers, distributors, and customers.
  • Plan your exit in advance. Every partnership has a shelf life, yet only 19% of joint ventures reported having an exit strategy in place before breakup. Using a third party to negotiate the exit strategy before you sign the deal can ensure each partner’s best interests are considered.

Our Added Value

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