Who We Help

We help startups and small profitable businesses working in one or more of our industry verticals. We accompany these ventures during their initial growth phase and prepare them for their first major venture capital round. We also accompany entrepreneurs interested in growing their organizations without the need for venture capital.

  • Startups: what we perceive as startups is a team of people who have proven they can work together and deliver tangible results towards the same entrepreneurial goal and corporate vision. Beyond having a great idea or developing great product in the making, we want to hear from people who enjoy seating at the same table for long hours during the day (and sometimes after dark).
  • Small profitable businesses: you have a team of at least 20 and are making a profit for at least two fiscal years. You want to develop new potentials and know future risks for your enterprise. You may be interested to seek funding from venture capital firms, or through new equity, including debts. You might also be interested in selling your business. Our team has experience and expertise for each one of these goals.
  • Geography: we have experience in working with major organizations who have their roots in the European Union, North America, Australia, New Zealand and several countries in South East Asia including South Korea and Japan.
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